State-of-the-art Solutions: Exterior Painting Services

Painting is commonly known as the easiest way to enhance your property, however, this is only possible if the job is performed with quality workmanship. If a painting job is executed poorly, it’ll show. 

At Mario & Sons Construction Group, we offer exterior painting solutions with the best painting practices fuzed with modern techniques that we implement in every job and every stage of the painting process from preparation to finish.

The exterior layer of your home is constantly exposed to wear and diverse climate conditions which slowly deteriorate it. Because of this, we only work with premium quality materials and brands such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Dunn-Edwards, Behr, Farrow & Ball and others.

We don’t omit any detail and make the most out of every drop of paint and every fraction of time to deliver fast and quality results that you not only need but deserve. Every inch of your property will look fantastic. Contact us today!


Residential Exterior Painting

Whether you’re just giving maintenance to your home or completely remodeling it, our exterior painting services can help you transform it.

Every home is unique, therefore you require experienced painters that know how to handle any type of job, on small to large houses and on any facade such as poured concrete, masonry, wood, metal, vinyl, asphalt shingles, tile and much more.

As professional contractors, we know what to do and how to provide the best service to guarantee your satisfaction. Get in touch with us!

Commercial Exterior Painting

In a world where giving the best impression becomes more and more important each day, make sure to portray your brand the right way in every aspect, including your commercial property.

Caring for your property’s appearance will show your clients and employees that you can care for them too and you can do that with exterior painting services. The more you put interest into your business, the more your clients and employees will put as well.

Nowadays, commercial properties are more diverse than ever and having professional painting contractors that can adapt to any commercial painting job is a must. Not everyone can execute commercial painting jobs, but Mario & Sons Construction Group can. Get in touch with us!