Cabinet Refinishing

Nowadays, cabinets do more than store your items in different areas of your home. They’re a key design feature that has to be chosen carefully. Still, in all the other things to take care of during a remodeling, they can be easily neglected, throwing the room’s design off-balance.

For their practical, functional, and aesthetic value, you want to give them the attention they need in a way that still results convenient for you. The key to that is none other than cabinet refinishing.

Mario & Sons Construction LLC offers you this practical solution and other top-tier residential remodeling services at affordable prices in New Jersey. With over ten years of experience, we’ll make every element in your home in harmony with the style, including, of course, your cabinets. Learn more about what we can do! 


Why Should You Refinish Your Cabinets?

With bathroom and kitchen cabinets, sometimes we look at them and wish we could dispose of them and get new ones. Old cabinets can bring the look of a room down if we ignore them.

Still, just think about this for a second: say you have some gorgeous pine or oak cabinets you want to preserve, or you’re looking to revamp your kitchen on a budget. Cabinet refinishing can completely refresh your cabinets. The best part is that it will go along great with your remodeling without adding too much cost.

Now, instead of rushing to buy new cabinets, you can get oak cabinet refinishing, and it’ll look good as new!

We’ve Got The Key To Perfect Cabinets!

When refinishing cabinets of any sort, either for your bathroom or kitchen, you can maintain the same high quality in every project with our signature cabinet refinishing process— The secret recipe for excellent results. 

From the moment we carefully remove the doors and hardware for sanding to the priming and painting, we’re meticulous in the procedure to ensure we do it right. With Mario & Sons Construction LLC , you work with licensed and insured professionals, so every solution is safe and guaranteed.

Cabinet refinishing paired with our expert service is the safest and smartest investment to improve your home cost-effectively. If you’re looking for cabinet refinishing in New Jersey, contact us today!