A cabinet is a piece of furniture with either doors or drawers for storing a wide variety of items. You find them most commonly inside your kitchen or bathroom. Most people ignore the importance of cabinets when they remodel their homes and tend to neglect them. Cabinets are extremely important for both kitchens and bathrooms, they’re practical, functional, and they provide aesthetic value in any room. If you’re remodeling your home, don’t forget your cabinets!

Mario & Sons Construction LLC is a licensed and insured home improvement company located in New Jersey, with over 10 years of experience. We provide cabinet refinishing services and general residential remodeling solutions at affordable prices. Our goal is to ensure every element in your home is in harmony with the style of the room, this means that your cabinets will end up looking as good as new!


Why you should refinish your cabinets

With bathroom and kitchen cabinets sometimes we look at them and wish we could just dispose of them and get new ones. Old cabinets can bring the look of a room down if we don’t pay attention to them. Nonetheless, replacing your cabinets comes with a high cost. Luckily, with high-quality refinishing you can completely refresh the look of your cabinets, making them look as good as new. The best part is that will go along great with your remodeling.

Whether you want to refinish your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, or any other cabinet you have at home, we’ll make sure we use the same high-quality process to always have excellent results. From the moment we carefully remove the doors and hardware for sanding to the priming and painting, we’re meticulous in the procedure to make sure we do it right. Refinishing is more affordable than replacing. For this reason, it’s a smart investment when you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel to refinish the cabinets.