Kitchens are every home’s focal point. It’s the room that brings the family together at the start and the end of the day. Our lives massively changed in 2020, and the ways we cook in our homes have changed as well. In the year 2021, hygiene and efficient use of space should be the top priority for kitchen designs. Easy cleaning and having enough space are necessary features all modern kitchens should have.

Have you been spending more time at home? If this has inspired you to modernize your kitchen, check out the latest kitchen trends we’ve collected for you to get motivated. From custom cabinetry to exciting colors, it’s time to get started with the kitchen remodeling project you’ve been putting off! 

1- Dark Quartz Countertops

Dark colors are generally brushed off as accent colors. A dark work surface can appear vibrant, stylish, and welcoming. Pair it with textured woods to achieve a shabby chic, homey charm. Furthermore, quartz is durable, strong, and easy to clean and maintain. 


2- Don’t Be Afraid of Color

From accent walls to colored cabinets, a nice pop of color will certainly bring life to your kitchen and inspire your creativity. Don’t be afraid to consult with an expert to choose the right color.

3- More Storage!

The biggest problem with kitchen cabinetry is the inefficient distribution of space. Most shelves and drawers are designed in a way that leaves wasted space. Having custom cabinetry specifically designed to meet your needs will ensure your kitchen is much more functional.


4- Polished Concrete for Your Flooring

Sleek and easy to maintain, polished concrete doesn’t have to be exclusive to modern kitchen designs. Moreover, its non-slip qualities make it an ideal choice of flooring for your kitchen

5- Masonry

A brick wall can be a unique addition to modern kitchens. Exposed brick walls are versatile and blend perfectly well in small and large spaces. With this feature, you’ll get a retro look for classic and contemporary home decor. Providing a rustic appearance in living areas with masonry, you’ll set a welcoming atmosphere.


6- Backsplashes

Forget about small backsplashes. No matter which material you choose, don’t be afraid to take from the bottom of your walls all the way up to the upper cabinets or ceiling. 

7- Tiles for Your Walls

Tile makes sense in the kitchen due to its water-resistance and easy-to-clean qualities. While homeowners may believe tile to be outdated, you can make your kitchen stand out with the right color.


At Mario & Son’s Construction Group, we have a passion for designing the kitchen of your dreams. Our services are tailored to match your needs and style. Every home cook deserves a spacious and functional kitchen. Whether you want a small kitchen renovation project or a bigger one, count on our team of professionals to deliver.